In early November, and after lots of support via crowd-funding, we (Medallion Transport Holdings, NHH Services, NHH to Bring Christmas to Hurricane VictimsMedallion Transport & Logistics, ACE Heavy Haul and friends and family) helped five families in the Crosby, TX community repair their homes from damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. These five families were hand-picked by community leaders not only because of the extensive damage to their homes, but because of their triumphs during times of diversity and continued service to their communities. 

With such severe structural damage and lost items amounting to thousands of dollars, these families would not have been able to recover without this help. We can never thank all those who donated to the crowd-funding campaign enough, in a few short months the total raised exceeded $13,000. 

We put the money to work in November during a community clean-up day and helped put some of the pieces back together, but it has remained hard as each family has had to rebuild their normal lives. This project would not have been possible without the volunteers who donated their weekends and saved thousands in labor costs to stretch our $13,000 far enough to rebuild rooms and porches, replace appliances, repair electrical and more.

Let’s Continue to Help

We can’t stop there! To help each family have a good Christmas during tough times, we are collecting donations to buy gift cards that we will drop off to the families on Monday, Dec. 18, so all donations must be made online by Sunday, Dec. 17. 

Here’s How You Can Get Involved:

  • Pledge your donation amount on our YouCaring crowd-funding page, which gift cards will be purchased with. 
  • Forward this email to as many people as possible, the more we can spread the word, the more we can help families in need. 
  • Remind everyone to make their donation by Sunday, Dec. 17!