NHH Services worked together with a local southeast Texas NHH Helps Families Repair Homes Post Hurricane Harveycommunity to help families in need during a special Hurricane Harvey clean-up project.

On Saturday, Nov. 11 NHH management, employees, agents, vendors and more worked alongside Barrett Elementary School staff to help a few special families repair the damage to their homes.

Entire structures were repaired, windows and doors were replaced, appliances were swapped out and finishing touches such as paint and furniture were added.

This wasn’t the only outreach to hurricane victims by NHH. The company started helping victims as soon as Hurricane Harvey made landfall in early September.

Initially, and with the help of employees and vendors, NHH collected clothes, shoes, food and water for hurricane victims. Then, the company, along with its sister companies, Medallion Transport & Logistics and ACE Heavy Haul, raised almost $15,000 for victims.

NHH saw its own Baytown, TX yard get destroyed by the hurricane and began connected with nearby communities also affected. That’s when company management teamed up with a local school in Crosby, Barrett Elementary, and with the help of the school’s principal they were able to help families with significant damage and limited funds or help from their insurance companies.

Through its crowd funding account, NHH is continuing to raise money for hurricane victims.