A state patrol agent gave his first-hand account of reasons why commercial truck drivers are pulled over. Top 10 Reasons Truck Drivers Get Pulled Over

Here’s what made the list, most of which are in the FMCSA’s (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) safety measurement system.

1. Following Too Close

If a truck driver is less than one truck length from the vehicle in front of it, it is following too close.

2. Speeding

Speeding is a very common reason truck drivers are pulled over, which often is followed up by a more thorough look into other areas such as registration.

3. Lane Deviations

Lane deviations can raise concerns about a truck driver’s illness, fatigue or impairment. Stops for lane deviations will also result in law enforcement to look at driver distractions.

4. Inattentiveness

Like lane deviations, inattentiveness can be seen as a sign of truck driver illness or fatigue.

5. Improper Load Securement 

Load securement has been an area of concern for law enforcement, even being the focus of 2017’s safety blitz.

6. Use of Handheld Phone

Like driver attentiveness, use of handheld phone by a truck driver is an obvious reason for law enforcement to make a stop.

7. Lighting Violations

Staying up-to-date with pre and post-trip inspections can eliminate any future stops for lighting violations such as an inoperative headlamp.

8. Improper Registration or Credential Display

If credentials and registration are not displayed correctly, a law enforcement officer has a clear reason to make a stop.

9. Weight Compliance

Any overweight or over-dimensional load without a proper permit is cause for a citation.

10. Failure to Abide by Traffic Signs

Ignoring traffic signs doesn’t make them go away. Lots of CMVs cannot drive on certain roads, clear some bridges, etc. due to the load dimensions. Taking a chance and ignoring traffic signs in this insistences is not worth it. Most of the time, oversize load permits will be approved based on a route that can sustain dimensions such as weight, width and height.

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