We currently have 23 heavy haul agents strategically located throughout the United States.

Compensation is predicated on volume of business for the agent. The split between agents and equipment is predicated on the different equipment configurations. We can offer great flexibility in the area of compensation.

The short answer is yes. We have a very cooperative group of heavy haul individuals who understand there is greater strength in cooperation and sharing. We encourage this sharing and allow for commission splits as agreed to by the agents.

Our TMS is Aljex, a web based system. We have done extensive programming with this system to accommodate the special needs of Heavy Haul. This system is extremely user friendly and we offer extensive training to assist your operation.

We allow the agent to order their own permits and escorts. We have a number of services that are already approved and can add additional services at your request.

Our standard cargo coverage is $250,000 per incident with the ability to order excess insurance for a fee.

We have two locations that assist in the communication. One is based in Louisville, KY and is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable personnel. The other location is in Baytown, TX and along with their experienced staff they also have a full yard with forklift capabilities for transferring and storing large loads.

Currently our safety scores are excellent. In both of our Heavy Haul operations we have zero alerts.

Our current group operates equipment from hot shots, step decks, flatbeds to the following:

  • (1) 19 axle dual lane trailer
  • (1) 16 axle Dual lane perimeter trailer
  • (2) standard 19 axle trailers
  • (6) 13 axle perimeter trailers
  • (1) 12 axle perimeter trailer
  • (1) 13 axle trunnion perimeter and deck trailer
  • (1) 13 axle beam trailer
  • (2) 13 axle step decks
  • Over 45 multi axle trailers with 50 plus feet in the well
  • Over 25 multi axle standard well equipment trailers

To pursue a heavy haul opportunity with NHH Services, LLC contact: Jesse.Merrell@medalliontran.com or call 765-650-4164.