As the CVSA’s (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) International Roadcheck approaches (June 4 – 6), NHH Services wants to help all truck drivers avoid potential truck tire violations, and practice every day tips for better truck tire health to keep everyone safe on the roads. Tips for Avoiding Truck Tire Roadside Violations

T-ire inspection

It is important to examine your tires EVERY DAY for:

  • Irregular tread-wear
  • Cracking
  • Bulges
  • Cuts
  • Proper Inflation
  • Foreign Objects
  • Inadequate Tread Depth
  • Other Damage

Any damage noticed during a driver’s daily inspection should be immediately brought to the attention of a mechanic.

I-inflation pressure

GAUGE your tires COLD before each trip, and adjust as necessary.

Improper inflation pressure affects tire wear and fuel efficiency. Under-inflated and over-loaded tires are the same thing, and in either case there may not be enough air in a tire to support a load.


ONLY use approved tire/rim combinations of the appropriate width and diameter.

Mismatched tire and rim components may explode and cause serious injury or death.

E-xtreme loading

Overloading or under inflation causes excessive heat build-up and internal structural damage that can lead to a tire failure.


DO NOT exceed your tires’ speed rating. Doing so will damage your tires and lead to premature failure.

According to, almost all North American on-highway truck tires are rated for 75 mph.

International Roadcheck

The 2019 blitz will take place from Tuesday, June 4 to Thursday, June 6 throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Each year the International Roadcheck places a special emphasis on a category of violations. This year’s violation emphasis category is steering components and suspension systems. 

Steering and suspension are critical for all commercial vehicles, which is why CVSA has chosen each as the focus for this year’s 72-hour blitz. Although the focus, roadside inspectors will still look for violations in all categories including truck tires.

Questions? Contact NHH Services

NHH Services is committed to driver safety and support, especially when it comes to maintenance including regular inspections. We offer our freight agents and owner operators a national tire purchase program and emergency road service, although preventative maintenance for safety to avoid any down time is always encouraged. For questions about driver safety or roadside inspections, give us a call at 704-235-0460 or send us an email to