NHH Services was founded by truckers, for truckers. Long before the name was decided, and an authority was established, the concept of NHH was already brewing in our minds. As third and fourth generation truckers ourselves, we knew the ups and downs that come with being an owner-operator, and we wanted to create a company that would redefine the owner-operator experience. Truckers at Heart - NHH Services

We’ve all been leased to the investment brokers and conglomerate companies that promise much and deliver little. At NHH, our actions speak louder than words. We reinvest in your business! We hire company paid dispatch professionals that constantly seek your next load; we have a 12- acre yard in Texas equipped with forklifts, free parking, and a fully furnished driver’s lounge with adequate amenities. We are striving to create a company that is driven by customer service which provides you the best experience possible. Our long-term vision is to add more strategically placed truck yards and dispatchers nationwide as the number of trucks continue to grow.

NHH Services is 100% owner-operator and agent company. We do not compete with our freight agents and owner-operators for drivers or for frieght. NHH strives to connect agents, customers and trucks to each other through technology, and more importantly, through person to person networking. Each agent and owner-operator at NHH has multiple points of contact, up to and including, the executive team of the company that are all available anytime to help you.

Medallion Transport Holdings, the parent company of NHH Services, also operates Medallion Transport & Logistics, Ace Heavy Haul and Medallion International. This diverse network of freight agents & owner-operators gives everyone within the group more freight options and a broader platform for expanded capacity and financial stability. Together, the companies have a more established infrastructure and industry leadership.

Our company leadership is based on experience. They’ve been behind the wheel, they’ve dispatched trucks, they’ve sought out loads and have run all aspects of the back office from accounting to compliance. One of our VPs still has an active CDL!

We can’t promise better freight or things we can’t control, but we can promise you that our team is doing all we can to seek your next load, provide superior customer service including fuel discounts (of which 100% is passed on to you), offer the best maintenance and national purchase programs, provide you with safe overnight parking and facilities for recharging on the road and much more.

We understand all you do to make a living and our goal is to help you turn your living into a better life. We are Truckers at Heart.